What’s Different

We built PhoneLynk.io from our own need of keeping our personal phone number, well, personal. We needed a way to take control of our phones by separating our personal and professional phone numbers, so that’s exactly what we did!

The app store didn’t need another”second phone number” app, it needed an app that offers straightforward pricing, emphasizes its features and continuously working on adding new ones, with an easy-to-use design.

PhoneLynk.io isn’t just a “second phone number” app, it’s the app that actually lets you take control of your personal and professional phone numbers by creating your very own unique business or additional personal phone number!

Not a Call-Forwarding App

Most second phone number apps are just call-forwarding apps, not a real phone number. PhoneLynk.io isn't like that, we give you a real second number and complete control over it and your life! 👍

Know Why You're Being Called

With PhoneLynk.io, when you get a call you'll easily be able to tell which of your phone lines is receiving the call AND you'll see the incoming Caller ID!

Receive Calls Without Sharing Your Number

You never have to give out your number if you don't want to! PhoneLynk's patent-pending technology generates a URL you can give out instead of your phone number, so you can feel safe and keep your privacy!

Distinguish Business and Personal Calls

It’s easy to differentiate between your personal and business calls! No mix ups, confusion, and of course, easy appropriate responses! 😁

Look and Sound More Professional

Take control and set the tone for your own professional voicemail greetings! For each number you can set a unique voicemail with the specific set business hours related to that number! This will help make you sound AND feel more in control and professional!

Unlimited Numbers

Stop sharing numbers! With PhoneLynk.io you can create as many business phone numbers for just $4.95 each per number, per month! That’s just a single latte! ☕️

Take control of your personal and professional phone numbers 🚀

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