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Your business deserves a smart dedicated phone number. With PhoneLynk you can create a professional business identity on your smartphone.

  • Dedicated business numbers
  • Track calls and text messages
  • Create professional voicemail greetings
  • Assign employees numbers that you control
  • Transfer calls between your employees
  • Ring multiple phones at once
  • Call recording & so much more!
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Created by business owners, for business owners! 👍

PhoneLynk grew out of our need for a phone and texting solution to grow our business. The features we add are those we need along with features our customers request.

As a small business we couldn’t afford an overweight expensive phone system that tied us to an office. We wanted a flexible system we could easily access from our smartphones that would give us a professional presence!

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A Number for Every Need

• Family & Friends
• Work
• Side Business
• Dating
• Internet Sales
• Networking


Add multiple people to your business number and set personal business hours so when you’re away your teammates can step in!

Record Phone Calls

It’s tough to take notes on the move. Never forget a word that’s said with instant call recording. Easily record any incoming or outgoing call with just the tap of a button! 🎙️

Take Notes

Ever forget what you talked about the second you hang up? Maybe you just want to have some notes to refer back to. With the call journal, you can!

Multiple Numbers

Need more than one phone number? Add more phone numbers to your account instantly and access them all from one app.

See All Features has so many features that make it the best way to take control of your personal and professional phone numbers. Click here to view them all!

How does PhoneLynk work?

PhoneLynk allows you to get phone numbers from any location in the US. It doesn’t mater where you’re located, get a number from any location you’d like.

You can get just one number or many.  Need a main number for your business as well as support and sales numbers?  No problem. Easily switch between the numbers to make and receive calls and text messages.

Best of all when you get a call you’ll see what number is being called so you know how to answer.  And of course, each number can have its own voicemail greeting.

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Team Phone Number Collaboration!

If you have more than one person in your company or organization you need a phone solution that allows your team to work together. This is where PhoneLynk shines, it was created for teams sharing the load in a small business!

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Have multiple users’ phones ring for incoming calls to a single number.

Transfer Calls

Your team can work together by fielding and transferring calls when necessary. Setup a receptionist or have everyone field then transfer calls.

Make & View Calls

Share a number for all your calls, whether answering an incoming call or having numerous people making calls from a single number.

Collaborative Texting

Your team will be able to work together when communicating with a customer via text messaging.

Setup to Your Needs

As the owner of a number, you make the call on who can have what collaboration privileges.

Call Recording – Never Forget a Word with PhoneLynk

In a hurry, on the road, somewhere you can’t take notes? Or maybe you want to remember a call word for word.

With PhoneLynk you can record calls with just a press of the button, it couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re on an incoming or outgoing call, just press the record button and recording will start instantly.

This amazing PhoneLynk feature will change the way you track your communications!

Keep track of your calls with Call Journal

We all know how useful it is to look back through text messages or emails to remember details of conversations. With you can do the same with phone calls!

Each time you place or receive a call you’ll be able to enter a memo about that call. This is great for business or for online sales. It’s like a mini-contact manager built into your phone app.

Automatically Block Spam Calls

Everybody hates getting spam calls from telemarketers and scammers, so refers to a database with thousands of phone numbers reported as spam calls to help prevent you from being bothered by them!

You can turn this on or off as you’d like, and decide if you’d like to receive a notification after your phone receives a call from a number marked as spam.

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Know Why You're Being Called

With PhoneLynk ID, will let you know which of your numbers is being called AND you’ll see the incoming Caller ID. If the caller’s number is in your Contacts List you will see the name of the caller.

By knowing what number is being called you’ll know what the call is about.

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Receive Calls Without Sharing Your Number!

Did you ever want to allow someone to call you, but didn’t want to give them your number? For example, when selling on Craigslist.’s new Patent Pending technology, CallLynk will generate a web link you can give out. When someone clicks on it you’ll get a call.

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