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Just like your normal phone number, but PhoneLynk puts you in control of who gets each number. Don’t sacrifice your security and privacy giving everyone your primary phone number!

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Set your own professional voicemail greeting to ensure your business sounds professional. Customize it for each of your PhoneLynk numbers so callers will always receive a professional greeting.

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Each time you place or receive a call you'll be able to enter a memo about that call. This is great for business or for online sales. It's like a mini-contact manager built into your phone! You can easily refer back to your call journal to see what notes you entered after a call!

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Do you hate Robocalls? No problem, we've got you covered!!! Our servers search through hundreds of thousands of numbers known to be nuisance callers so we can block them. This feature can be turned on or off individually for each PhoneLynk number. You also have the option of receiving a push notification so you know when we block a call, or you can remaining blissfully unaware. 😌

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